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Gillian Kay Haddon
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Hi, I'm Riowner Tias. I'm a varying artist that: Draws (Traditional and Digital), Paints, Papier maches, and does some writing too. I'm also working on my General Project work in Manga form at this time, feel free to read them :D
I do better traditional drawing with something in front of me, but drawing by tablet is just as good to an extent. I'm still learning to improve generally and have some knowledge of Illustrator as well as Photoshop.

fav is my way to comment by 1337-1Thinking Stamp reloaded by DaMoni Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay CF Stamp by Misaki408
(Cause I can't find words)

Try best with camera at times, but most work is digital now.
Sorry, I also have a thing for precision :lmao: ^^;
This is rather a downer actually, with all the things going on with Volunteering, Work searching and fighting mini daft battles with Sis; DeviantArt and a few nice things have fallen off the list. :\
I'm slipping lately, and its not good. There's no defined space I can run to and work. The no college space has really taken a turn on me, a bad way at that. Its not the same. Just bad enough now its summer, mini flies have started to swarm the house.

I've come far though a bit. The two Manga I've been working on, I still hope to continue whether they go on DA or not. Just a lot on my mind these days. Maybe some inside things. Its tricky, I've had bad thoughts in last couple of weeks and trying to put them aside. They currently not a big deal as I'm not thinking to go beyond the marker on the subject, I'd lose a lot more if I did. Yeah, its weird I would ever think of "The End", certainly doesn't sound like me, A LOT of thinking over pros and cons over "The End" still the reason how I'm still here.

Its hard. I've even taken up the archery, but its been a while I've forgotten if I've mentioned it without looking. ^^;

At the end of day, I just to relax now. But sadly only just pushes things further and just never gets done. An on-hand assistant would help, though I've been way out of it that I've almost forgot she's there I can still see. And sadly that's happening on the internet too, which I'm very sorry for :(

Guess ways forward here is to move back onto secondary work. Its very long and tiring as secondary artists can imagine. Its not my thing, I can so well but its not technically my style to copy as much as the years has gone by. This link narrowing down TinierMe Drawings Majority of which is my own hand work, but the source is all from the internet. This drawing of Nami is another example and took days.

So. I'm still here, just been very busier than normal :sigh: and at times not as happy.
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In these difficult times, I have been wondering what you would like to see more of? 

1 deviant said Any? Mix match? Something I missed? Something different? Comment? :o
No deviants said More Primary!! (The buildings, the illustrated profile and objects) :D
No deviants said More Secondary!! (Like the TinierMe DreamSelfies and Nami) What about others? Comment
No deviants said Those Mini illustrations (Like the OQ Humour ones) Other themes too :3
No deviants said How about Papier Mache? Those 3D stuff :o You've done any in a long while
No deviants said The writing work looked interesting. What other pieces are you hiding? ;)
No deviants said WHAT? But I'm reading the Mangas D: More on this Project please :3
No deviants said Any other tales? (Like how you did Fire Carda? Any more to that?) :o
No deviants said The OC Cards. I just want to know more on the characters :D



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