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Well, been home for hours now but getting few things out the way.

Typically rained on Friday on the way there, near unbearable sun (back of my hand was sunburned :() whilst Sunday was more or less a half day.

Good things:
Stuff and stuff~ Got the last handmade bag and cushion, one embroidery of Leafeon and other with Eevee ( It was the last Leafeon too :D All Eevee evolutions were on the stall, didn't last long. They were all so cute, then you got a glowering Glacieon which was quite funny.
Touhou Nendoroid Marisa (They didn't have Remilia :saddummy:) and a Len Kagamine figure. Handmade Pokemon Badges (Robotic Cookie).
Touhou -Arete- CD, though was not what I expected after listening to it. Saint Seiya Sagittarius & Cardcaptor Card charms.
A Fairy Tail Key [Apparently named: Heartfilia Key of the Starry Sky] Why though? I just like shiny things :meow:
And last two volumes of Magical Miracle which I never got around to get only to disappear.

Cousin grabbing every Full Metal Alchemist cosplayer she could find while as Envy~ A few rivalry glares from each passing Ed. Sneaking up on a Maes, a Roy turning up for a Maes and Roy moment (Maes cosplayer had his family pics prop), only to soon have Lust and Greed turn up for a group photo with my cousin. (Also Envy got a piggy back on Maes, lol)

Funny Mishap-ship: This was Sunday whilst wandering around with Rukia and Yachiru cosplayers (Bleach). Already been to the stall and this argument happened without my cousin... but um.. At one stall was a wall hanging of Black Butler's Ciel and Claude together. Well once we go to the stall with Envy in tow, the sides soon split, we even had a Grell at the stall in neutral perspective, lol.
Envy: *Buys it* :meow:
Rukia: D:<
Me & Yachiro: *Quiet* >o>! Oh dear...
Grell: :meow: Meh~
Envy: *Starts running as Rukia attacks*
Me: Run Envy, RUN!!
Rukia: You are dead to me!!!!
Random Person: You're already dead, you're a soul reaper!
Rukia: They don't know that!!

Amusing: Surrounded by space ducks. And a sign: "American Voice Actors, why you no come to Sunny?"

Bad Things:
Organisation of lines was terrible. an hour wait for us to get in once all the VIPs were done. None of the name guests came (one ill and other's plane was delayed to point of unable to come). Heat, heat and more heat. All events an hour behind, as well as one event was near forgotten and could only do 1/2 and hour. :( Exhausted straight after Saturday. Wasn't much to do on Sunday with Envy's main reason (Todd Haberkorn) not there.

Other than that, had a good time. :D

Edit note: As for this...
 Daily - Book Troubles by RiownerTias
Waterstones still hasn't responded to say my book is in yet either. :(
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Gillian Kay Haddon
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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Riowner Tias. I'm a varying artist that: Draws (Traditional and Digital), Paints, Papier maches, and does some writing too. I'm also working on my General Project work in Manga form at this time, feel free to read them :D
I do better traditional drawing with something in front of me, but drawing by tablet is just as good to an extent. I'm still learning to improve generally and have some knowledge of Illustrator as well as Photoshop.

fav is my way to comment by 1337-1Thinking Stamp reloaded by DaMoni Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay CF Stamp by Misaki408
(Cause I can't find words)

Try best with camera at times, but most work is digital now.
Sorry, I also have a thing for precision :lmao: ^^;

Is it a good idea to rack a 3rd related manga running by the other two? 

1 deviant said Yeah though could be done like that Fire Carda one
1 deviant said Rally up the situation in the Triseptor Manga, then do it
No deviants said Yes (so long as you keep on track of course)
No deviants said Heck no, it's confusing which page is which already D:
No deviants said No preference, I'm here for the nooks, lol~



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